Markyboi (markyboi) wrote,

yay, another update

I'm liking the new job so far, two days in, everyone seems dead friendly and seems like a relaxed atmosphere. I also like the fact that people from my old work are there too, it's like a comfort blanket.

The only bad thing is the system we are being trained on is overly complicated for my liking, will be so much better when they change over to telewest systems, which is scheduled for later this year. So will need to grin and bear it until new system is started, once they do that though i will have such a headstart, since i know the telewest systems inside out.

If you want to see some pictures of the surrounding area, look under the cut.

I really like the new place, we did recently hear though that some people will be asked to go temporarily over to my old workplace to help out, which would be HILARIOUS if they sent us over. I doubt we'll be asked though, probably be a bit akward. To further the weirdness though, on my first day at NTL, i saw the compliance manager from my old job, and was like WTF?! It's kinda normal though, nearest centre used to be Edinburgh, but now since the merge, it's my new workplace.

Also, if you were wondering where my Big Brother comments are, this year i'm mostly posting them on Synthetic.

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