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Hey livejournal people's, Marky here making what seems to be his bi-annual livejournal update, I hope lot still read this thing.

Just a little catch-up on what i've been up to.

Recently went to Manchester Pride, and oh my god, i haven't seen so many gay clubs/pubs in one place, it's got loads. Only drawback about pride being the prices of some places was mental, but it was worth it. Also i was in a hotel which is part of the Lancashire County Cricket Club, you can actually get rooms which look on to the ground itself.

I have loads of pics of the weekend in the gallery to look at. Before you all ask though, i did behave myself, even though i had the opportunity not to, just wanted to take in the whole place.Would definately go again. What i had noticed, is there are lots more camp people and drag queens in Manchester than Glasgow, though i can see why, i dont think a drag queen walking through argyle street would fit in. lol

Just to let you now, the pictures are some random ones from the weekend, the girl is Louise, a lovely fag hag who kept my male fag hag Cy amused. Heh, just jesting, she was lovely, and a total computer geek and anime geek, so we got on well. The other guy next to her is Gavin, her fag lol. The pictures from high up where taken at the top of Spirit, which has a barbecue, where i tasted the best burger EVER made. The fact i was slightly drunk and hungry as fuck might have given bias to that opinion, but it was still fucking lovely. The Galaxy FM stage was cool, was not so famous acts as per usual with this sort of thing though. K-Klass were cool though. Best part was Wes Butters and Irish Alan getting their tops off heh. The sculpture is B of the Bang,which is amazing to look at, it's huge. It sits outside Sportscity where the City of Manchester Stadium resides. Which we also went to, along with Old Trafford, which was cool since Matt Busby was from Bellshill near where i live. The weird picture that looks like a boat was the food court in the Trafford Centre, quite cool, it's in the style of a New Orleans Sailboat. The coneheads we seen just before we left Canal Street, and i don't think i've laughed as much in ages. They were just SO good at their act, bit freaky, kept their mouths open constantly, and when people took pictures of them, they both got their cameras at exactly same timeand took a picture back, then they found a woman with the same jacket as them, pointed at her, the chased after her and danced around her, whilst we were in hysterics, then they followed someone into a pub.

Anyhoo, enough from me, here's what you really want, the pics:

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