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Voice Post: Marky bored, waiting in a car for his sister.

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“Hello Livejournal, just waiting for my sister getting back from the chip shop. Waiting for our dinner, going to have hot dogs and chips.

MMMMM healthy.

Anyway, reeeallly...bored. Was at work, was...hrmmm...OK, was not as good as i hoped but, that's probably because i got shouted at first thing this morning by someone who i called she and she didn't like it very fuck her.

Erm, just as well. Good news, i did pass my quality monitoring in work, but i got 87%, i did pass, so i get a bottle of wine, and a STAR BALLOON!

How gay do you get?! A big star balloon.

Anyway, like, i'll probably post this in text about...erm..quite soon.

So catch you'z


Transcribed by: markyboi
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