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Hey peeps

Hey lj people, i'm on the bus home from Edinburgh where i've been working for the past week. My work has had me up there temporarily covering, which i thought i'd enjoy, but i haven't been really. Probably coz i miss being in my team, and maybe because it reminds me of my last job since i was up there taking telewest calls.

We also found out the new name of the company Virgin Media. I like the thought of working for Virgin company, wonder if Richard Branson will pay us a visit lol.

One good thing about the Edinburgh centre is the talent. Lots of cute guys, especially one of them, who i actually met when he floorwalked in my old workplace for a while. As ever though with any guy i fancy, he's straight.

Last week i went out with my team on a night out to glasgow, which was absolutely fantastic, i was even told i was a great dancer, which i was chuffed with. Was great music too, just one of the best nights i've had out really.

Anyhoo, if you read this them please comment, i like reading them, and the notification emails i get are about the only e-mail i get that is worth reading.
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