Markyboi (markyboi) wrote,

i haven't wrote a journal entry in ages...

...but that's nothing new. 

Last week i had the most amazing sex. You know the kind of sex you still feel the buzz from days later. I wont go into the gory details, though i know some of you would want that, but suffice to say, i was a very naughty boy.

Also just want to say my new favourite TV programme is Ugly Betty, camp as hell, funny, exciting and super bitchy. My favourite quote from episode four from Justin

"It's just like America's Next Top Model except noone's crying"

Also thanks to the person from whom i had said amazing sex, i also borrowed his dvd's of Battlestar Galactica (The newer one, not the 1978 one) and it's so engrossing, and something i had never even thought about watching when it was one Sky One. Not only because Jamie Bamber is a hottie (which does help) but because it has a great story, fantastic characters, and nothing like any other sci-fi series you would have seen.

Anyhoo as most of the comments will probably be about the first paragraph, if you do really want the details, just say, i might share.

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