Markyboi (markyboi) wrote,

hi and welcome to the bi-annual update of my LJ

whitelabeldemo was moaning i didn't update this enough, so here i am once again. Sorry to everyone who still has me as a friend on here lol.

I'm turning 25 in a few weeks, and i'm kinda worried i'm doing fuck all with my life. Whilst work sucks recently i still like my job and everything else, but i feel like i could do a lot more than i currently am. I really like web design and would like to study it for real, but i also like a full time wage, so i'm a bit torn, anyone done an open uni type thing? If you have, what's it like?

For anyone who was wondering, Manchester Pride was a lot of fun, if you wanna see pics and stuff, they are on my bebo.
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