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Topic: "Voice Post" Tuesday
08 Jul 2008|09:00pm
118K 0:35
(no transcription available)
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Topic: "Voice Post" Sunday
20 Jan 2008|12:33am
39K 0:11
“Hi, this is Mark. Just leaving a voice puss for Nolan. If he have an understandable as he just can't understand you me. Ok. There you go.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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Topic: "hi and welcome to the bi-annual update of my LJ" Tuesday
20 Nov 2007|10:29pm
whitelabeldemo was moaning i didn't update this enough, so here i am once again. Sorry to everyone who still has me as a friend on here lol.

I'm turning 25 in a few weeks, and i'm kinda worried i'm doing fuck all with my life. Whilst work sucks recently i still like my job and everything else, but i feel like i could do a lot more than i currently am. I really like web design and would like to study it for real, but i also like a full time wage, so i'm a bit torn, anyone done an open uni type thing? If you have, what's it like?

For anyone who was wondering, Manchester Pride was a lot of fun, if you wanna see pics and stuff, they are on my bebo.
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Topic: "heres the list, what else do i need?" Sunday
12 Aug 2007|01:10am
Stuff to take to Manchester

Mobile Charger
Wallet (Make sure card are in there)
Contact Lenses / Solution / Case
Trainers (Evisu & Tiger)
Pride Tickets
PSP & Charger
Book to read on journey
Hair Gel
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Topic: "Updating as it's a waste of the fee if i dont" Saturday
11 Aug 2007|03:27pm
I'm sitting in work next to eleziumtalking about livejournal and realised, i should really update this, since i have paid for it.

I'm on my lunch just now, wishing i didn't need to work on a saturday, but hey, it's money at the end of the day (well end of the month really lol)

I'm off to Manchester Pride at the end of august and i CAN'T WAIT! Only thing keeping me going in work lol need to buy stuff, so i will put my list up here later and tell me iof i need anything else.

Anyhoo lunch finishes in 2 mins, so update later (i promise)
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Topic: "Joost" Wednesday
02 May 2007|07:22pm
since it's kinda half launched (all you registered people now have loads of invites)

anyone want to send me an invite?

email mark (@) obviously remove the spaces and brackets, thanks
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Topic: "should i?" Wednesday
21 Mar 2007|06:29pm
Poll #951185 Should i go to india for a month?

I've been asked by work if i will go to our indian call centre for a month to floorwalk, should i go?

See the comments
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Topic: "me? a virgin? nah i don't beleive it either." Saturday
24 Feb 2007|06:29pm
Hi guys, my work is now a Virgin company. So i think that officially makes me a Virgin...well i think that's how it works anyway. 

Just today it turns out Sky (who are owned by News Corporation/Rupert Murdoch, who also own Fox / DirecTV) are playing a really dirty game now, basically trying to price us out the market by hiking up the price of their channels. So we have refused to pay over the odds. I support Virgin in this decision, because Sky run a monopoly in this country and it's about time someone gave them a run for their money. If you do too, please go here and leave a message of support.

Anyhoo, rant over.

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Topic: "i haven't wrote a journal entry in ages..." Thursday
25 Jan 2007|12:02am

...but that's nothing new. 

Last week i had the most amazing sex. You know the kind of sex you still feel the buzz from days later. I wont go into the gory details, though i know some of you would want that, but suffice to say, i was a very naughty boy.

Also just want to say my new favourite TV programme is Ugly Betty, camp as hell, funny, exciting and super bitchy. My favourite quote from episode four from Justin

"It's just like America's Next Top Model except noone's crying"

Also thanks to the person from whom i had said amazing sex, i also borrowed his dvd's of Battlestar Galactica (The newer one, not the 1978 one) and it's so engrossing, and something i had never even thought about watching when it was one Sky One. Not only because Jamie Bamber is a hottie (which does help) but because it has a great story, fantastic characters, and nothing like any other sci-fi series you would have seen.

Anyhoo as most of the comments will probably be about the first paragraph, if you do really want the details, just say, i might share.

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Topic: "Last working day before xmas" Friday
22 Dec 2006|11:13am

In work i'm now taking calls for 2 billing systems, but end up only ever getting calls on one.

Whoever is sad enough to call up at xmas deserves to be shot though. Unless they want channels on, i can cope with that.

Anyhoo, must begin my walk to work soon. In the meantime, comment so i have something to read
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Topic: "Christmas Irn-Bru advert" Thursday
07 Dec 2006|09:51pm
Stole this from another LJ, but only coz i love this advert, it's for Irn-Bru which for the non uk people is a soft drink made in Scotland.

Also i went to see placebo yesterday who were amazing, despite not playing pure morning or nancy boy which was slightly dissapointing.

The videos/photos shall be up in the gallery in due course, at which time linkage shall be given.
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Topic: "" Thursday
30 Nov 2006|11:52pm

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Topic: "Hey peeps" Friday
10 Nov 2006|05:12pm
: mood : Happy :

Hey lj people, i'm on the bus home from Edinburgh where i've been working for the past week. My work has had me up there temporarily covering, which i thought i'd enjoy, but i haven't been really. Probably coz i miss being in my team, and maybe because it reminds me of my last job since i was up there taking telewest calls.

We also found out the new name of the company Virgin Media. I like the thought of working for Virgin company, wonder if Richard Branson will pay us a visit lol.

One good thing about the Edinburgh centre is the talent. Lots of cute guys, especially one of them, who i actually met when he floorwalked in my old workplace for a while. As ever though with any guy i fancy, he's straight.

Last week i went out with my team on a night out to glasgow, which was absolutely fantastic, i was even told i was a great dancer, which i was chuffed with. Was great music too, just one of the best nights i've had out really.

Anyhoo, if you read this them please comment, i like reading them, and the notification emails i get are about the only e-mail i get that is worth reading.

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Topic: "The "Guess the Game" Game" Saturday
21 Oct 2006|10:02pm

only two of you entered, so you both gets 5 codes, if anyone else wants any let me know, even thoough boyzici was bloody terrible lol

answers under the cutCollapse )
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Topic: "Voice Post: Marky bored, waiting in a car for his sister." Monday
02 Oct 2006|05:54pm
188K 0:56
“Hello Livejournal, just waiting for my sister getting back from the chip shop. Waiting for our dinner, going to have hot dogs and chips.

MMMMM healthy.

Anyway, reeeallly...bored. Was at work, was...hrmmm...OK, was not as good as i hoped but, that's probably because i got shouted at first thing this morning by someone who i called she and she didn't like it very fuck her.

Erm, just as well. Good news, i did pass my quality monitoring in work, but i got 87%, i did pass, so i get a bottle of wine, and a STAR BALLOON!

How gay do you get?! A big star balloon.

Anyway, like, i'll probably post this in text about...erm..quite soon.

So catch you'z


Transcribed by: markyboi
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Topic: "catch up" Thursday
21 Sep 2006|08:58pm
Hey livejournal people's, Marky here making what seems to be his bi-annual livejournal update, I hope lot still read this thing.

Just a little catch-up on what i've been up to.

Recently went to Manchester Pride, and oh my god, i haven't seen so many gay clubs/pubs in one place, it's got loads. Only drawback about pride being the prices of some places was mental, but it was worth it. Also i was in a hotel which is part of the Lancashire County Cricket Club, you can actually get rooms which look on to the ground itself.

I have loads of pics of the weekend in the gallery to look at. Before you all ask though, i did behave myself, even though i had the opportunity not to, just wanted to take in the whole place.Would definately go again. What i had noticed, is there are lots more camp people and drag queens in Manchester than Glasgow, though i can see why, i dont think a drag queen walking through argyle street would fit in. lol

Just to let you now, the pictures are some random ones from the weekend, the girl is Louise, a lovely fag hag who kept my male fag hag Cy amused. Heh, just jesting, she was lovely, and a total computer geek and anime geek, so we got on well. The other guy next to her is Gavin, her fag lol. The pictures from high up where taken at the top of Spirit, which has a barbecue, where i tasted the best burger EVER made. The fact i was slightly drunk and hungry as fuck might have given bias to that opinion, but it was still fucking lovely. The Galaxy FM stage was cool, was not so famous acts as per usual with this sort of thing though. K-Klass were cool though. Best part was Wes Butters and Irish Alan getting their tops off heh. The sculpture is B of the Bang,which is amazing to look at, it's huge. It sits outside Sportscity where the City of Manchester Stadium resides. Which we also went to, along with Old Trafford, which was cool since Matt Busby was from Bellshill near where i live. The weird picture that looks like a boat was the food court in the Trafford Centre, quite cool, it's in the style of a New Orleans Sailboat. The coneheads we seen just before we left Canal Street, and i don't think i've laughed as much in ages. They were just SO good at their act, bit freaky, kept their mouths open constantly, and when people took pictures of them, they both got their cameras at exactly same timeand took a picture back, then they found a woman with the same jacket as them, pointed at her, the chased after her and danced around her, whilst we were in hysterics, then they followed someone into a pub.

Anyhoo, enough from me, here's what you really want, the pics:

Page 1:
Page 2:
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Topic: "Voice Post:" Thursday
22 Jun 2006|06:52pm
67K 0:19
“Hey Live Journal, umm don't really know what to say. Just trying this out cos <lj user="boyzici"> told me too. Umm. So hiya. If you want me to record anything else then let me know. I know my dulcet tones are just loveleh. Anyway bubye.”

Transcribed by: boyzici
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Topic: "yay, another update" Tuesday
13 Jun 2006|09:08pm

I'm liking the new job so far, two days in, everyone seems dead friendly and seems like a relaxed atmosphere. I also like the fact that people from my old work are there too, it's like a comfort blanket.

The only bad thing is the system we are being trained on is overly complicated for my liking, will be so much better when they change over to telewest systems, which is scheduled for later this year. So will need to grin and bear it until new system is started, once they do that though i will have such a headstart, since i know the telewest systems inside out.

If you want to see some pictures of the surrounding area, look under the cut.

Ooooh looksy, piccies!Collapse )

I really like the new place, we did recently hear though that some people will be asked to go temporarily over to my old workplace to help out, which would be HILARIOUS if they sent us over. I doubt we'll be asked though, probably be a bit akward. To further the weirdness though, on my first day at NTL, i saw the compliance manager from my old job, and was like WTF?! It's kinda normal though, nearest centre used to be Edinburgh, but now since the merge, it's my new workplace.

Also, if you were wondering where my Big Brother comments are, this year i'm mostly posting them on Synthetic.

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Topic: "NEWS!" Tuesday
06 Jun 2006|10:23pm
I have a new job, starting as of monday. i'll be working for

To be honest the job wont be greatly different to what i do just now, seen as i work at an outsourcer taking customer care and faults calls for Telewest just now. But now i'm gonna be working for them directly, and dealing with the NTL side of the business, as at the moment, despite being merged, still operate seperately.

So glad to be moving as where i am just now is getting worse by the minute, and at my new job, a lot of workmates i had at my current job, are now at NTL too.

Sorry about the length of time for an update, but i'm an lazy arse lol
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Topic: "I've gone to the dark side" Sunday
02 Apr 2006|12:11am
That's right, I've started a Blog, but don't worry, i'm still keeping my LJ.

It's actually my new replacement for my old site Inspiration, the new name being Synthetic. It's a media blog.

If you want to take a look, you can find it at or add it to your LJ friends list at synthetic_rss

If you want to provide content too, let me know in the comments.
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